Saturday, 20 December 2008

A Blog Follower Asks…

Last week we posted Blog Follower John’s question – “Why is there a lion on the road sign in Stamford Street SE1?” He refers to the sign directing traffic to the Southbank. Adam, who was the guide on the Somewhere Else London walk that inspired Blog Follower John to send in the question, answers:

“The lion (pictured) stands on the plinth at the southern end of Westminster Bridge and was one of a pair that adorned the defunct Red Lion brewery which stood near the site of what is now the Royal Festival Hall. It is made of Coade Stone (a synthetic stone or ceramic also native to the borough of Lambeth) the secret ‘recipe’ for which, it is popularly believed, went to the grave with Eleanor Coade, matriarch of the business. The lion’s partner can be found at Twickenham rugby union ground and differs slightly from its Southbank twin in that its genitalia remain in tact. The Lambeth lion’s – ahem – parts were deemed to be too distracting to passing traffic and were removed.”

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