Saturday, 6 December 2008

A Blog Follower Writes…

Occasional highlights from Sir L.W Blog’s personal inbox at…

New Zealand-based London Walks Blog Follower Mistymoore drops a line having been inspired by our London Up Close pic last month of Archie the Archer at East Finchley (as a reminder, we’ve run the pic again below. Click on it to magnify the image, or see the Archive section):

"Love it. What a great picture. Feels like you could travel for ever – I know it does sometimes *feel like that* on the Northern Line but I mean in a good way."

Thanks Mistymoore.
Then there was this from Blog Follower John. Damned with faint praise? We think he meant it in a good way, too:

“Found out about it [the London Walks Blog] on the Eccentric London Walk. Not as good as the main London Walks website – it’s like London Lite compared to the full Evening Standard – but handy nonetheless. Well done, keep it up.”

Er… thanks John. We think… ☺ He also came up with an excellent London question (his main reason for writing): “Why is the road sign on Stamford Street SE1 pointing to the South Bank illustrated with a lion?”

Good question… for which we have an equally good answer… which will be posted up on the London Walks Blog next week. Stay tuned…

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COMING UP THIS WEEK on LONDON WALKS BLOG… Ann Jones on last orders at the Café Royal


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