Monday, 1 December 2008

Even More Whisky Galore!

Two weeks ago, in the By Special Request slot (see archive, right), Adam responded to a London Walker’s query regarding London’s best whisky shop. Adam recommended Royal Mile Whiskies in Bloomsbury Street. His colleague and blog stalwart Richard III, however, wrote to disagree:

“Wrong. Milroy's is the premiere whisky shop in London in Greek Street, at the Soho Square end, next door to the Gay Hussar. Apart from the hazard of running in to Peter Mandelson who dines regularly at the Gay Hussar, Milroy's have a basement with a licence to consume alcohol so you can spend a nice afternoon shopping and sipping a single malt or six.”

Richard III is guiding the Soho Pubs Walk this coming Sunday.

Disagree with both Adam or Richard on any of their upcoming walks. Send your own suggestion on this, or any other topic, to


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