Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Blog Extra (or… That I, one Blog by name, present a WALL)

In Monday’s How to Walk No.2 post, Kensington expert David made reference to what he called “the sitting wall” – as featured on the Old Kensington Village walk. So what’s the sitting wall? And where is it? Here’s David to explain:

“I wrote a flit and a sip of an article about a very special little wall for the Kensington local history magazine a while back. By all means stop by and pull it up and have a read. It’s a cup of tea read – doesn’t take any longer than that. And come to think of it, it’s the wall that’s in the Kensington chapter of London Walks London Stories

It begins thus:

“It's the Martin's Mice of walls. If you know the delightful Dick King-Smith children's story you'll understand. If you don't know it, well let me put it this way: Item - The Great Wall of China; Item - The Berlin Wall; Item - Hadrian's; Item - The Wailing. Which is by way of saying, walls are for keeping out; or keeping in; or wailing…”

And it continues HERE

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