Wednesday, 26 August 2009

… and Pulled out a Plum!

A definition…

adjective informal
a plum job excellent, very good, wonderful, marvellous, choice, first-class

Talking of which, here’s that Ann, limbering up for another Foodie Extravaganza

“Late summer, the season for plums: plum tart, plum crumble, brandy, jam, wine, sauce, cake- but not pudding (here, plums mean raisins). So why not buy a local London plum? The Victoria, pink, golden and sweet, just right for eating, was introduced by Mr. Denyer, a nurseryman in Brixton in 1840.

Presumably the Victoria was named after the young Queen – just as Czar (purple skin, yellow flesh) was named after a trip to Britain by the Russian Czar in 1871. Marjorie’s Seedling (blue black skin) was named after someone closer to home – the nurseryman’s wife, Marjorie.

Not only are plums nice to eat – they have other virtues, as outlined in the Great Herbal printed in Southwark in 1526 by Peter Treveris: ‘Plomes; They have vertue to smothe and polyshe y bowelles.'"


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