Monday, 10 August 2009

Double Feature!

London Walks’ resident movie buff Richard IV swings by the LW Blog with news of his movie-themed walks this weekend. As with all the best thrillers, it’s imperative that we don’t give away the ending, but here’s our trailer. The walks take place on Saturday 15th August.

(Cue pulse-quickening Bernard Herrmann score*)

(Cue bombastic, basso-profundo voice over…)

London… 10.45a.m… Saturday morning… in a world where the downloadable self-guided tour has killed the art of human interaction, Richard IV stands alone. In the hit of the summer, Richard stars in… Alfred Hitchcock's London. Where was the serial killer's fruit stall in Frenzy? What was the route of Richard Hannay's bus in The 39 Steps? How did Hitch film in the British Museum? And which of his favourite stars did Hitch himself take on a guided tour? Meet at Holborn tube. It STARTS with a MURDER... And ENDS in a THRILL!**


From the people that brought you the 10.45a.m walk, the 2.30p.m walk is… London on Film, starting from Bank Exit 3. Where did Alec Guinness evade capture in The Lavender Hill Mob? How far did Bridget Jones have to run through the snow? Which location manages to link up Lara Croft, John Wayne and Harry Potter? And where did Jack Hawkins climb out of a sewer to rob a bank? THRILL to never-before-felt Excitement!***

(Proving that he is indeed the Hardest Working Man in Showbusiness, Richard IV turns his double bill into a trilogy on Saturday night when he helms the Fitzrovia Pub Walk at 7.15p.m, meeting at Goodge Street Station. Movie namedrops featured in that walk include Richard Lester’s Beatle classic A Hard Day's Night, Dr Who (The War Machines) and Michael Powell's Peeping Tom.)

P.S. Walkers should bring their own popcorn, make sure their cell phones are switched off, foreswear heavy petting at the back (Richard will bring a torch and offenders will be ejected), open any confectionery in a quiet and considerate manner and refrain from kicking the back of the seat of the patron in front. Thank you.

(*Bernard Herrmann composed the score for Psycho among many other Hitchcock classics)

(**The closing line of the original trailer for The 39 Steps)

(***The closing line of the original trailer for Alfred Hitchcock’s The Lady Vanishes)

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