Sunday, 21 February 2010

Do Something Last Minute…

Best way to blow away the cobwebs of a Sunday in London? That’s an easy one: go on a canal walk. Here’s Roger with news of his latest bunberry which goes later today…

“In sharp contrast to the modernization of King’s Cross station, the London Canal Museum is a delightful window into a different world. A superb collection of displays, exhibits and old films – even the back-cabin of an old narrow boat – it’s housed in the converted warehouse building of a former customer of the Canal. The building itself has quite a story to tell – including the stables for the horses, on the first floor.

The legend of Boudicca and her bloody rebellion against the Romans is in sharp contrast to the peace and greenery which follows at Camley Street Wildlife Garden. Here, a small wood with a pond is the result of careful planting, and hundreds of species now live here.

Next, a gothic tower – with water on two sides and a sheer drop on a third side, this could pass for a small fort. So what’s it doing here ? Charles Dickens’s writings are just one of the aspects which lie ahead, so come and find out more.

The Regent’s Canal – King’s Cross to Old Camden Town Walk meets at King’s Cross Station taxi rank on Sunday (21st February) at 2.30 p.m.”

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