Saturday, 20 February 2010

The Famous White Leaflet

His brow is furrowed… he’s got that 10,000 yard stare thing again… it can only mean one thing: David’s working on The Famous White Leaflet. The new London Walks Summer 2010 programme is well under way. So far all we have are the half-heard, impassioned cries from his Work Room…

“Olympics Walks! Of course!… Hidden sliver of London between Temple and The Strand! Yes!… New pub walks! Bring ‘em on!… Pub Quiz walks! Extra movie walks! Extra movie walks!”

It doesn’t make much sense to us so far, but all will be revealed. All we know is that he’s already burned-out one assistant so far – that’s him (right), young Smithers, a broken man being consoled at home yesterday by his young wife. It’s a tough job making The Famous White Leaflet.

In the meantime, if you need to pick up a current copy of The Famous White Leaflet, click HERE for list of central London locations where you can find ‘em.

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