Saturday, 27 February 2010

From the LW Blog Postbag

In the run-up to St Valentine’s Day we came over all lovey-dovey and asked of you: Why Do You You Lovelondon?

We were, of course, making the assumption that you loved London in the first place. Turns out we were right to be so presumptuous. Here are a few of your responses:

“I love London because of the ambiance the city gives off. I remember my last trip there in October 2009 and as we flew over the city I said ‘I'm home again’. I was so sad about leaving I cried all the way to the airport. I love the walking, the rain, the tiny little cars that I call your version of the US SUV ☺ There is not one thing I don't love about it!!!”

Barbara G Lovejoy via Facebook.

Thanks Barbara. We’ve laid on some extra rain just especially for you ☺ and we look forward to “welcoming you home” soon.

“I love the theatre… and London Walks a very close 2nd”

Sande Newton via Facebook

Thanks Sande. A privilege to take silver medal in your estimation. The London Theatre is the world’s finest.

“I love the pubs in the Mews – Dover Castle, The Grenadier, Wilton Arms.”

Kathy Softley via Facebook

Cheers Kathy! And on the subject of substances not to tell your doctor about, we had this from Susan, commenting on Ann’s recent Chocolate Blog post:

“For me the sweet, milky British chocolate is the best. I had always wanted to try Hershey's chocolate but when I finally went to America and bought some it was absolutely disgusting! They don't do chocolate like we do here. The chocolate walk sounds like a good idea!”

Susan, we’re of a mind to agree with you there – but we should probably just add, Dear Mr Hershey, that we at the London Walks Blog quite like your stuff too! ☺ Keep in touch Susan, see you out there.

We already posted this next one on Valentine’s Day, but we think it stands up to a re-run (call us Romantic old fools, we don’t care!)…

“What do I love about London? All the parks, especially Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens. I love that a city like London has so much green space scattered about… you'd be walking along and out of nowhere would pop up a green space or three.

There is a reason why I'll always have a special place in my heart for Kensington Gardens though: this past May, that is where my fiancé got down on his knee and asked me to marry him! I was completely floored, and couldn't believe he had come up with such a perfect spot. As if there wasn't reason enough before, we will definitely be back to enjoy these parks.

Angela (and Jeremy) via Facebook

PS- Celebrating the engagement with all those London Walks (with Richard, Fiona, and several with David – thank you for all those stories and tips!) sure didn't hurt either; they helped make the entire trip special.”

Thanks Angela and Jeremy – and congratulations once more!

And finally… we picked up this last one on Twitter. It was posted a few days after Valentine’s Day, by Gratyork, commenting on the Twitter trending Topic #Lovelondon:

“Watching the rain fall on a London street is the best mood-lifting drug ever!”

We agree! Well, we would, wouldn’t we! As soon as we saw it we Re-Tweeted it immediately. Thanks for looking on the bright side Gratyork. We’d like to dedicate your Tweet to all the hardy, jolly, indomitable London Walkers who have joined us regardless of the weather this winter. Thanks for walking with us: spring is just around the corner. And we all love that.

Keep in touch.

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