Thursday, 11 February 2010

London List No.20: A Good Hanging

Five infamous events in the annals of London law and order…

1. Ruth Ellis
The 15th and final woman to be hanged in Britain in the 20th Century. Hanged at Holloway Prison on 12th July 1955 for shooting her lover at the Magdala pub, Hampstead on Easter Sunday 1955.

2. Dr Thomas Neill Cream
The “Lambeth Poisoner” was hanged on 15 November 1892 at Newgate Prison having been found guilty of poisoning four “fallen women”. His infamous last words of “I am Jack…” which some take to be a confession of guilt in the Jack the Ripper case remain unsubstantiated.

3. John George Haigh
The "Acid-Bath Murderer", hanged at Wandsworth on 10th August 1949 for the murder of at least six victims, the bodies of whom he dissolved in sulphuric acid.

4. Hawley Harvey Crippen
Was hanged in London's Pentonville Prison for the murder of his wife. His execution took place 100 years ago on the 23rd November 1910.

5. Timothy Evans
Received a posthumous pardon in 1966 – was executed for the murder of his wife and child at Pentonville on 9th March 1950. Key evidence in his trial was given by John Christie, the infamous 10 Rillington Place serial killer.


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