Friday, 12 February 2010

On This Day in London History…

David emerges from the vast library at London Walks Towers, covered in dust but wearing a triumphant smile having unearthed these gory gems from “swinging” London…

12th February 1554

The xij day of ffeybruarij waſ mad at every gate in Londun a nuw payre of galauſ & set vp ij payrs in Cheapside ij payr in ffletstrett one in smyth feld one payr in Holborne on at ledynhall on at sant magnuſ one at Billingsgate on at pep allay gatt on at sant gorgeuſ on in barnesby street one on towr hyll one payre at charyngcrosse on pair at Hyd parke corner.

(The twelfth day of February was made at every gate in London a new pair of gallows and set up: two pairs in Cheapside, two pair in Fleet Street, one in Smithfield, one pair in Holborn, one at Leadenhall, one at St. Magnus, one at Billingsgate, one at Pepper Alley Gate, one at St. George's, one in Bermondsey Street, one on Tower Hill, one pair at Charing Cross, one pair at Hyde Park corner.

And this one for Valentine’s Day the same year…

The xiiij day of feybruarij wher hangyd at every gatt & plasse in chepe syd vj algatt j qtered leydynhal iij bisshope gat on & heqtered morgat one crepullgat on aldersgatt on qtered nuwgat on qtered ludgatt on, and after quartered, Belyngat iij hangyd sant magnuſ iij hangyd towre Hill iij hangyd holborne iij hangyd fflett stret iij hangyd at pep alley gat iij barunsaystret iij sant gorguſ iij charyng crosse iiij on boyth ye fottmā & vekarſ of the gard & ij moo at hydparke corner iij on polard a water beyrar thoyſ iij hang{s} in chyneſ & but vij qtered & ther bodyſ & hed{s} set a pon ye gatt{s} of london and at Paul's chyrche yerd iiij.

“The fourteenth day of February were hanged at every gate and place in:
Cheapside, six;
Aldgate, one quartered;
Leadenhall, three;
Bishopsgate, one, and he quartered;
Moorgate, one;
Cripplegate, one;
Aldersgate, one quartered;
Newgate, one quartered;
Ludgate, one, and after quartered;
Billingsgate, three hanged;
St. Magnus, three hanged;
Tower Hill, three hanged;
Holborn, three hanged;
Fleet Street, three hanged;
at Pepper Alley Gate, three;
Bermondsey Street, three;
St. George's, three;
Charing Cross, four (one Booth, the footman, and Vicars, of the guard, and two more);
at Hyde Park corner, three (one Pollard, a water bearer) – those three hung in chains;
and but seven quartered, and their bodies and heads set upon the gates of London;
and at Paul's churchyard, four.”

The Hangman’s London Walk goes on 14th February at 2.30p.m from Farringdon Tube

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