Sunday, 21 February 2010

Pub Quiz Walks

Thanks to all who attended the first “Half & Half” London Walk – the half-walking tour/half-pub quiz walk in Soho last Monday night. A splendid night was had, with the general consensus being… the questions were too hard!

Always willing to take suggestions on board, we’ll be making ‘em a little less strict on the next Half & Half – in Hampstead in April. In the meantime, to get us all into the swing of this UK election year, here’s the section from last Monday night’s quiz dealing with Westminster and London political life. Answers later in the week…

1. Margaret Thatcher was the MP for which constituency?
2. Phil Piratin was returned as M.P for Mile End in 1945, the last London M.P for which party?
3. For how many years did Gordon Brown live at No.11 Downing Street before becoming Prime Minister?
4. George Galloway represents which political party in the current House of Commons?
5. Name the last Prime Minister to be born in London?
6. The current M.P for Kensington & Chelsea is:

Keep an eye on the summer programme for more Half & Half Pub Quiz

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