Monday, 1 February 2010

Signs of the Times

Last week we asked you to share your favourite London signs with us. We were inspired by the example HERE. Whether permanent or temporary, funny, grumpy or just plain eccentric, is there a London sign that tickles/annoys/inspires you? Here are a few example sent in so far…

The above is from LW Blog Follower Clapton Pond Esq (nice pseudonym, Mr Pond!) and taken from his own London photo blog. "A little touch of France in Hampstead," he adds.

This (above) is also from Mr Pond. "The Noel Coward Terrace in question," he informs us, "is actually the street outside the Phoenix Artists Club!"

This last one (above) is from LW Blog Follower John, who found it in Hampstead and enjoyed, he wrote, "the unusual combination of weary grumpiness and nice font!"

Thanks all. Keep 'em coming to the usual email address – or simply click the envelope icon at the bottom of this post.

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