Friday, 18 June 2010

Amazing Grace

Isobel has an inspirational London tale to tell…

(Illustrated: the medallion of the British Abolitionist Movement by Josia Wedgewood.) “The success of the Abolitionists in stopping the slave trade in the British Empire in 1807 is an amazing story. It's also an inspiring and shocking one.

How did a small group of individuals succeed in winning the hearts and minds of ordinary people, up and down to country, to join a campaign that would be to their financial disadvantage, to free people they did not know and were never likely to meet? How did they overcome the vested interests of Crown, government, and business armed with little more than compassion for and empathy with their fellow man?

If you find out more, join me on Saturday morning at Monument station at 10.45 (Fish Street Hill exit) for the Amazing Grace – A Walk to Celebrate the Abolition of the Slave Trade. Be inspired.”

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