Saturday, 26 June 2010

Signs of the Times V/The Big Game

They don't much care for football at the Salisbury pub, the beautiful old gin palace on St Martin's Lane – this is the sign on their door (above). Are you of the same mind? Is this Sunday's big game not for you? Are you a footballphobe?

Are you simply of a nervous disposition and just can't stand the tension?

If so, help is at hand. Join us in Old Highgate Village, on Westminster at War, in South Kensington, in the Unknown East End, in Little Venice, in the London of Shakespeare & Dickens, or on the new Strand Walk West of the Bars this Sunday afternoon.

P.S. Keep sending us your favourite London signs. This one above is from LW guide Karen who is leading her Theatre Walk this Sunday morning at 10.45am.

P.P.S. Come on England!

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