Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Urban Griller

Ann’s on the march again this Saturday with another of her splendid Food Walks. Here she is…

“I’d never thought of grilling as a particularly revolutionary way of cooking. But that was before I did some clearing out of cupboards at home, and unearthed the Recipe Book for Grills with a Difference, published by Cannon cookers in 1959. As you may surmise, they were promoting a new cooker with a Very Large Grill.

‘A doctor will tell you’ says Cannon, ‘that a grill is more easily digested. For those who are harassed and worried, a succulent grill not only provides the means to tempt what may well be a jaded palate, but also materially assists the relaxation of mind and body.’

Well, I never knew that. But on to the recipes.

Don’t limit yourself to steak. How about grilled hare (cold and cooked before you start)? Or filled sausages? Grill them, split open, spread with chutney, and grill to heat through. Or ‘egg and bacon with a difference’. The difference is rice crispies – hard boiled eggs (no, you can’t grill those) cut in half and stuffed with a mixture of bacon, rice crispies and tomato sauce, then grilled. Hmm… not too keen on Egg Frizzle either – corned beef covered with beaten egg and grilled. But there are some surprising ingredients that you might find on cutting edge 21st century restaurant menus – salt cod, sweetbreads, veal, mullet with its liver.

Finally, don’t forget the dessert. Grilled fruit salad or strawberry meringue toast will certainly be a talking point at your next dinner party.


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