Friday, 17 September 2010

The Battle of Britain

Canal Guide Roger has a timely new walk this Sunday. Here he is…

“Seventy Years ago, on the 19th September 1940, one of the largest fleets of barges ever seen received its instructions.

Nearly 1500 barges, plus about 900 other craft, had been brought together in seven Channel ports, to transport the Ninth and Sixteenth Armies to Kent and Sussex.

But the instructions, which actually came through from German Army High Command on the 19th September, told them to disperse.

A building in Uxbridge was instrumental in making this happen.

At the 11 Group Ops Room, Sir Keith Park and his Controllers deployed their fighters so skillfully, especially on 15th September, that Hitler was obliged to postpone ‘Operation Sealion’ indefinitely. On our new Walk this Sunday, we can remember the people who achieved this.

Another significant bit of history we see on this Walk is a place where peace was very nearly achieved in the middle of the English Civil War.

Our Walk continues along the Grand Union Canal, and through an attractive length of the Colne Valley Regional Park.”

The Uxbridge, Battle of Britain & Grand Union Canal Walk meets at Uxbridge tube station this Sunday (19th September) at 2.30 p.m.

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