Friday, 17 September 2010

A Gallery of Londoners No.1

The first of an occasional series in which we perform the introductions! And these won't be Londoners that you know. Or know very well at any rate. But you'll be glad you met them. Well, sort of glad. David "hosts" this first encounter.

"London Walker - or London Walks Blog reader - allow me to introduce Jack Black. Jack's a member of the Royal Household.

Sotto Voce Aside: An important member – Jack's full title is 'Rat and Mole Destroyer to Her Majesty'! That's Her Majesty Queen Victoria. So, yes, we've stopped off in the 19th century. And no, he won't mind if you take a picture. He's certainly possessed of a striking physiognomy, isn't he? What with the black eyebrows and whiskers and the rough, uncombed nearly grey hair. If you didn't know better you'd be forgiven for thinking he powders up.

Some more 'context' you say? Well how about this? When Jack's not destroying rats and moles at the palace you'll usually find him at home in Battersea with his better half, his kiddiewink, and Polly, his pet ferret. Apart from her pink eyes, Polly resembles nothing so much as a miniature polar bear. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Anything else? Just this: Jack Black's got more than one string to his fiddle. He's also a taxidermist and bird-fancier. And a hot tip: do your damnedest to wrangle an invitation to Chez Black in Battersea. You get that invitation that'll be yet another instance of London Walks turning moments into experiences!

Jack's parlour looks more like a shop than a family apartment, especially with Polly snaking back and forth in her, er, prison. Okay, rabbit hutch. If he lets her out when you're there be sure to give me a full report, okay?

And on that note, I'll leave you and Jack to conflab. Or perhaps even talk shop. Toodlepip."

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