Saturday, 18 September 2010

LW Blog Autumn Schedule 2010

There's a very busy Autumn ahead. New walks added to the repertoire, the new edition of The Famous White Leaflet. There's even a whisper of a makeover over at Watch this space.

Here at the blog we're getting ready for the new season, too. From the 26th of September, here’s how the improved London Walks Blog weekly schedule will look…

Monday is In & Around London featuring five pics taken by London Walks guides and London Walkers collated around a single theme or area. We’re keen for you to join in, so send us your pics! (In the meantime click HERE to see our Air Canada pal, London Walker Doug Gilbart's aerial shots of the capital.)

Every Tuesday is Plaque of the Week day, where we zone-in on a plaque, tablet or cameo somewhere in the metropolis and delve a little deeper into the life of the person who is being commemorated.

On Wednesday It’s a London Thing takes centre stage. Could be a shop, a person or even a tree: anything that is uniquely London, something one can’t enjoy anywhere else in the world.

Saturday is Culture Sandwich day, a new series in which a corner of London is highlighted for those who work in the Big Smoke. Read Culture Sandwich of a Saturday and take your lunch break at the spot we’ve written about when you go back to work. It’s educational AND nutritious!

And every Sunday we round up the top seven news stories posted to our Facebook Group London Walks Walkers, to which we add seven recommendations for the walking week ahead. We call it 7 Days.

On the Thursday before her Foodie Walks, Ann usually weighs in with an eccentric and entertaining take on the capital’s food scene and food in general. Here’s a great example.

Our new Friday strand coming soon will zoom in on London movie locations – it’s written by Richard IV, the London Walks movie expert who also leads the London on the Big Screen Walks.

Roughly once a month… we delve into the library at London Walks Towers and add a new title to our London Walks Reading List. Also on a monthly basis we throw the dice in our London Walks Great Virtual Monopoly Game, a tour of the sights and stories of the London version of the world’s best-loved board game.

From time-to-time London Walkers send us their pictures of mad/silly/infuriating London signage and we post them in our Signs of the Times strand. And in Pub Quiz Walk season we run some teasers just for fun – on the Pub Quiz Walks themselves there are prizes to be won!

Mix in news, oddities, whims, essays, ruminations, fishing stories (!) and whatever takes our fancy as we pound the streets of this great city. Here’s a great example from David. And here's another.

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