Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Answers to Yesterday's Pub Quiz Questions…

Yesterday on The Daily Constitutional we posed two questions from last night’s Pub Quiz Walk. They were…

1. Which is greater: the number of Northern Line stations that lie above ground or the number of Northern Line stations that lie south of the River Thames?

2. From Trafalgar Square, which road will take you to...

a. Buckingham Palace
b. Cambridge Circus
c. Aldwych
d. Victoria Embankment

And the answers are:

1. On the Northern Line 16 stations lie to the south of the River Thames while only 14 of its stations are above ground.

a. The Mall
b. Charing Cross Road
c. The Strand
d. Northumberland Avenue

NEXT WEEK: Part Two of The Great Circle Line Pub Crawl & Pub Quiz Walks meets next Monday 20th June at St James’s Park Station at 7.00p.m and heads toward Victoria Station.

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