Monday, 13 June 2011

Tonight's Pub Quiz Walk

Well done and thanks to all who joined in the first installment of our Great Circle Line Pub Crawl and Pub Quiz Walk!

Special thanks to our visitors from Koblenz in northwestern Germany – a student group – for joining in the fun; great to see a few familiar faces from earlier Pub Quiz Walks, too (welcome back to the Reigate contingent – previous winners, no less!). And a warm “Hello!” to a couple of Pub Quiz Walk regulars.

We made it from Temple to Westminster, calling in at the excellent and always welcoming Robert Devereux pub just off Essex Street on the way – where our visitors from Koblenz had many kind words for the India Pale Ale. High praise indeed from such knowledgeable and tutored palates!

Next stop was the Sherlock Holmes on Northumberland Avenue – we got there via tube, adding a special “On the Tube Quiz” to cover the journey. Here’s a couple of Pub Quiz Walkers hard at work…

…on questions such as:

Which is greater: the number of Northern Line stations that lie above ground or the number of Northern Line stations that lie south of the River Thames?

(We’ll post the answer here on the D.C tomorrow.)

Some of our students from Koblenz…

…lacking a little local knowledge, canvassed opinion from some unwinding barristers at The Devereaux (it’s the cheapest consultation with M’learned Friends in the history of Temple), the Underground staff at Temple Station and some fellas having a quiet pint at the Sherlock Holmes. Thanks all – barristers, Underground staff and innocent Londoners caught in the crossfire alike – for taking part.

(Don and James deep in thought at The Sherlock Holmes. Elementary!)

We parted company at St Stephen’s Tavern as the light faded on Westminster. The winning score was 30-out-of-41 and the winning Visitor score was 17. (We have a handicapping system – suggested by a London Walker – whereby we have a First Prize for UK residents and a First Prize for Visitors to London.)

NEXT WEEK: Part Two of The Great Circle Line Pub Crawl & Pub Quiz Walks meets next Monday 20th June at St James’s Park Station at 7.00p.m and heads toward Victoria Station.

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