Wednesday, 2 November 2011

It's a London Thing No.53: A Nice Sit Down And A Cup Of Tea

It’s a London Thing is our Wednesday series in which we turn the spotlight on a unique aspect of London – perhaps a curious shop, sometimes an eccentric restaurant, a hidden place, book or oddity. The subject matter will be different every week. The running theme, however, will remain constant: you have to come to London to enjoy it. It’s A London Thing.

A nice sit down and a cup of tea. It’s A London Thing once more, thanks to a small band of passionate and well-informed folk setting up oases of calm and culture dedicated to our national drink. With a philosophy facing toward the rolling hills of England, and away from the murky lake of warm, brown milk that passes for “coffee” on our high streets, the tearoom I made it for you in Hoxton is leading by example.

As founders Tom and Karen put it: “Good coffee may not be universal in London but it is easy to find if you know what to look for. As tea lovers who avoided drinking tea when in cafes and restaurants for fear of being presented with a cup of hot water and a teabag, we decided it was time to revive the great British tearoom in the capital.”

Jolly good it is too.

Find I made it for you at 77 Pitfield Street, Hoxton N1 6BT. Like them on Facebook HERE.

In deepest North London, Muswell Hill way, the D.C’s favourite tea shop (for home consumption) has plied its trade since 1897. Martyn's of Muswell Hill sells an hypnotic range of loose leaf and bag teas – Orange Pekoe, anyone? Gunpowder tea? In fact I’ve a pot of their Russian Caravan (in my favourite Cornishware pot) on the go as I type. Their website is HERE.

Former P.M Tony Blair was fond of being photographed with a cup of tea. How the cup of tea felt about the situation is not a matter of record.

But to a far greater leader than he: Tea is also the oil in the engine of London Walks. Mary, The Boss, is partial to a cup or two. Or three. Without tea, the whole operation would fall apart. Thanks Mary. And thanks Tea.

A nice sit down and a cup of tea. It’s A London Thing.

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