Thursday, 17 November 2011

Turkey Time!

Ann's on the London food trail again this weekend…

“Turkeys, like puppies, are not just for Christmas. Their other appointment with fate is at Thanksgiving – no American Thanksgiving dinner could take place without one.

As the great American feast approaches, it’s time to plan your menu.

With your turkey you should serve cranberry sauce, cornbread, and sweet potatoes. Baked with cinnamon and sugar and topped with marshmallows, these are, I find, something of an acquired taste. But having Thanksgiving without them would be as unthinkable as having your British Christmas turkey without chestnut stuffing.

After that, pumpkin pie – though as you probably have now composted the inside of your Hallowe’en lantern you may be buying a tin of pumpkin puree.

George W. Bush’s last White House Thanksgiving menu, as well as turkey and giblet gravy included whipped maple sweet potatoes, buttered mashed potatoes, apple pie and pumpkin mousse trifle. The Obamas have been just as traditional in 2009 and 2010: Turkey,
 Cornbread Stuffing,
 Oyster Stuffing, 
 Sweet Potatoes,
 Mashed Potatoes,
 Green Bean Casserole, Apple Pie,
Pumpkin Pie,
 Sweet Potato Pie,
 Banana Cream Pie,
 Cherry Pie,
 Huckleberry Pie.”

Ann’s next Foodie Walk is on Saturday, November 19th – it's Foodies' London – the West End. It goes at 10.45 am from Green Park Tube, the Green Park exit (meet in the park, by the fountain).


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