Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Fairyland, SW1

The Old Palace Quarter. At this time of year this must be the prettiest of all London Walks.

It doesn't start till 2.30 which means that on a typical London winter afternoon an hour or so later the light, what there was of it, is beginning to fade and the old gaslights in Green Park start to emit their dim, misty, mysterious glow.

That's just the Nature bit. Then we plunge into the restrained, electric glamour of Jermyn Street, and just off that we enter Fairyland! The Piccadilly Arcade with its red and gold decorations and streams of fairy lights is simply, stunningly, well… Fairyland.

And to crown it all there, on Piccadilly itself, is the grande dame of retail, Fortnum and Mason. Its window displays are always unique, sometimes eccentric, and this winter the theme is ever so slightly and gloriously mad: The Folies with purple and rose, powdered and feathered showgirls filling the windows.

The Old Palace Quarter goes every Wednesday at 2.30pm meet at Green Park Tube, Green Park exit (meet in the park, by the fountain)


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