Saturday, 31 December 2011

Poetry on New Year's Day

Pictured above is a statue (erected in 2007) in the forecourt of the National Theatre. The smarties amongst you might know that that is Laurence Olivier playing Hamlet but do you know which speech from the play he is declaiming?

This is one of the many interesting facts you can learn on Lance Pierson’s guided poetry walk on New Year’s Day. The walk winds its way from Waterloo Bridge to Westminster Bridge and visits many sites of poetic interest along the river bank. At each stop Lance will talk about the landmark and read the poem connected with it. Featured poets include Shakespeare, Wordsworth, Donne and Burns but also features stops involving Gilbert and Sullivan, the Festival Hall and the London Eye.

A Poetry-in-Performance Walk – Shakespeare to Wordsworth meets at Embankment Station on Sunday 1st January at 2.30pm.


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