Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Hampstead in the Snow

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This the follow-up to that "Looking Ahead" image of Hampstead Heath I put up just before the weekend. The one that showed the artist and her painting of the Heath and the Heath in Spring. I said something like, "this is what's ahead for us" and, as for a "location", "we walk right down the middle of the scene she's painting". Well, here's that same scene a couple of days post that post. This past snowy Sunday.
And there was this. It's Fenton House, the oldest grand house in Hampstead.

And this. (You can see, I was "multi-tasking": guiding and photographing. But all four walkers were also clicking away. Especially the man from Singapore, who was in a state of something like ecstasy. Well, I suppose if you've never seen the stuff before. And what a place to "make your acquaintance with it.)

And miaow. Well, it's Hampstead. What do you expect?

And a last look. (Two days later and it's gone already. But memories, memories.)

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