Monday, 27 February 2012

In and Around London... The New "Routemaster" Bus

Monday is mute on the London Walks Blog (well, almost mute) – because Monday is the day when we post five images captured in and around London by London Walks Guides, London Walkers and Facebook friends. Collated on a theme or an area, if you've got some great shots of our capital and want to join in send your pictures to the usual address.

A new bus for London – captured here on its maiden voyage, having left Hackney at around midday…

… the new hop-on-hop-off bus making its way along Theobalds Road…

…although the “hop-on” bit didn’t go too well for your correspondent as the back door was closed (and remained so, according to our source for most of the journey).

… But hang on! What’s this…?

The new bus is being tailed by an old Routemaster, hired by the Sack Boris campaign, protesting at the expense of the new machine.

Any thoughts, London Walkers? Do we like the new bus? Do we think it’s too expensive? Better than the bendy bus? Do we still miss the old Routemasters? Drop us a line to the usual address and we’ll post your thoughts, or leave a comment below. There's more on this story at the BBC website.

In the meantime, shot number five is of the steady-rolling, old-fashioned 38, doing a fine job while the new model gets all the publicity. Well done that bus!


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1 comment:

  1. The back door remained closed?

    How can it claim to be a Routemaster if it even HAS a back door? You can't call it "hop on hop off" unless you actually CAN "hop on" and "hop off". Which is why the classic Routemaster had no door to close--so people actually could hop on and hop off!

    This sounds like the story of the office that purchased laptop computers for its employees so they could take work home, then chained the laptops to the desks so the laptops wouldn't get stolen (which of course meant the employees couldn't take them home, defeating the purpose of buying laptops in the first place!)