Sunday, 26 February 2012

London Spy: News Special

Never mind Murdoch's "new' Sunday paper.

Here's The D.C's London news story in focus, thanks to LW's David, a thirsty and disputatious MP and a curious London Walker with a good eye for a connection…

Helga from Cincinnati writes in about the recent “brawl” in the House of Commons.

Dear London Walks,

Just heard about the MPs duking it out in Parliament. In the London Walks book I read that there’s a cell in the Big Ben Tower. Dying to know if they locked ‘em up in that cell.

The passage – well, the opening “mood music” and then a couple of sentences further on – she’s referring to is from the Secret Westminster chapter (one of my, David’s, efforts).

Reads: “Prisons and palaces and towers and moats and secret redoubts on a lost island. It sounds like something out of Edgar Allan Poe. It isn’t. It’s Westminster. But not that Westminster. Not the 30-million-tourists-a-year Westminster. We’ll give that – and them – a miss, thank you very much. So how do you find Secret Westminster? Sometimes it’s a case of knowing where to go. Sometimes it’s a case of knowing where to look. Sometimes it’s a case of just knowing.”

And then a bit further on: “And glance over at the Clock Tower (the ‘Big Ben Tower’) of the Palace of Westminster. Sure enough, it’s got a lock-up as well – for refractory politicians.”

Anyway, chuffed that Helga “made the connection”. And indeed thought of us.

But afraid we had to write back and say, “sorry, don’t know the answer to that one. We know that ‘the assailant’ overnighted in the Belgravia police station. But we’ll certainly ‘make enquiries’. I think you can safely say that there’ll be someone at HP who will be ‘helping London Walks with their investigation.’ And if the answer proves to be a 'yes, we did bang him up in there for a few minutes' (I think it unlikely, but you never know), well, we’ll certainly get back to you, Helga. Thanks so much for writing in. This kind of thing – the ‘dialogue’ between ourselves and you guys – London Walkers – is one of the many considerable delights of this ‘line of work.’”


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