Monday, 27 February 2012

Walk Of The Week

NEW: Every Monday we’ll pluck just one walk from the vast London Walks repertoire and put it centre stage.

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But if you only take one walking tour this week, why not make it…


10.30 am on Tuesdays
from Covent Garden Tube

Let's hear it for the life-giving tingle of new experience. For the tonic of delightful discovery. For a walk that shakes you gently, like a sieve, and drops you into places of long ago – places you probably wouldn't get into off your own bat. And into is the mot juste. Because this walk has cracked open some doors. We're going into these places. Into the the Floral Hall for a view that will spike your Wow! Factor Graph.

Into the Royal College of Surgeons to see an astonishing – and unique – collection bequeathed by the greatest surgeon of them all. Into the venerable – and passing strange – RAF church. To crown it all we'll go into the Royal Courts of Justice to watch a trial (when the Royal Courts are in session). And here's the ace in the hole: Tom, who guides this walk, is a barrister. And Brian, the other guide, has a Legal background and indeed read Law at university. And location, location, location: at walk's end you can grab a spot of lunch at Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese or The Bank of England (another interior where you'll gasp with wonder) or an ancient haunted pub. And then nip off to St. Petersburg-on-Thames or the Courtauld!

The Behind Closed Doors Walk takes place every Tuesday at 10.30 am

Meet Tom or Brian just outside the exit of Covent Garden Tube


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