Wednesday, 21 March 2012


At last! Answers to or Foodie Quiz from away back in January – with particular apologies to Daily Constitutionalist KEVP.

Need a reminder of the Questions? Part One is HERE; Part Two is HERE and Part Three is HERE.

These are the answers:

1 The Ivy

2 The Wolsley

3 Jamie Oliver's 15

4 The Criterion

5 Colston Bassett

6 Drummond Street

7 Waterloo

8 1790s

9 The Monmouth Coffee House

10 Algerian Coffee Store

11 Food for Thought

12 Harrods

13 Selfridges

14 Fortnum & Mason

15 John Lewis

(the numbering got a bit screwed up here!)

16 Veeraswamy

17 Portugal

18 North Africa (Algeria)

19 Poland

20 Escoffier, the Savoy

21 Brick Lane

22 Stamford Bridge Football Ground

23 Marquis of Salisbury

24 Carluccio's

25 Elizabeth Street

26 Bloom's

27 Fish & Chips

28 Oysters (shellfish)

29 Mishkins

30 TV presenter of Masterchef

31 The Trafalgar Tavern, Greenwich


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1 comment:

  1. Thanks again.

    I think I got THREE right!!!!!

    I can see that I have been away from London much too long, over ten years now, I think.

    I wonder how the London Walks guides did.