Thursday, 12 July 2012

Breakfast of Champions

On your marks get set… Go On A Foodie Walk With Ann. Here she is…

As we approach the Olympics, thoughts turn naturally to what the athletes are going to eat. Here’s the suggested diet put forward by the NHS: 7 am first breakfast, post training second breakfast – scrambled eggs, baked beans, bacon, mushrooms or tomatoes. Pasta, salad and fruit for lunch, post training snack of cereal or toast, grilled meat or fish for dinner, with 7 new potatoes, a bagel and a banana, bedtime snack of hot chocolate and a cereal bar. All this is interspersed with various drinks. The NHS points out that the diet is for athletes, not couch potatoes.

But this is nothing compared to the diet followed by ancient Olympian Milo of Croton – 6 times Olympic winner. He reportedly put away 20 lbs of meat and 20 lbs of bread, and washed it down with 3 pitchers of wine. The NHS health police would not be amused.

For more food talk join my next walk for foodies, Saturday July 14, 10.45 am at Green Park tube, park exit – by the fountain.


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