Saturday, 14 July 2012

Happy Birthday Regent's Canal

Never mind 50 years of The Rolling Stones – here's Roger with a very important London anniversary…

Bicentenary of the Act of Parliament authorising the Regent’s Canal.

  Two hundred years ago, on 13th July 1812, the Regent’s Canal Act received the Royal Assent. The Regent’s canal, which we can now enjoy as a pleasant way to go walking or boating, was then seen as a major new route for freight between the Midlands, north London, and London Docks. John Nash, the architect (pictured), is famous for his work on Buckingham Palace, Regent Street, and Regent’s Park. He was also a driving force in promoting the Regent’s Canal. 

While his bust looks south from his All Souls Church, down the length of Regent Street, he is well remembered for working with James Morgan and others to overcome all sorts of problems to get the Regent’s Canal approved and built. Although the canal took a further eight years before it was fully opened, 1812 is a key date when it moved towards becoming a reality.

 Why not join our Towpath Walk along part of the canal, and see what he created? We start at Angel tube station, on Sunday at 2.30 pm.


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