Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Latest News: London Walks Olympic Walk on NBC

This from the NBC website – London's best Olympic walking tours with London Walks… "Thousands of tourists [are] taking two-hour walking tours of the Olympic site perimeter, long before the Games have begun. 'The tours are very popular – we do two on Saturdays now,' said London Walks' guide, Kim Dewdney. "Prior to the Olympic redevelopment, nobody ever asked me for a tour of Stratford – but the Games has brought people here and hopefully opened their eyes to the local area."
Among those taking her tour on Friday afternoon was a family of Americans who had spent the morning seeing Westminster Abbey. Also there was Steve Venckus, in London on a business trip from Washington, D.C. 'Even though I won't be here when the Games are on, I really wanted to see it all up close so I can say I've been there,' he said."

More on the East End from NBC HERE.
More on Olympic Walks with London Walks HERE.


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