Tuesday, 3 July 2012

London Bridges No.2: London Bridge

London Bridge

Built: 1973

Designed By: Lord Holford (architect) and Mott, Hay and Anderson (engineers)

Connects: The City of London (North) with Southwark (South)

What did the Romans ever do for us? Well they gave us a bridge – near the present London Bridge the Romans built a crossing from AD 43. Far from falling down, the modern day crossing is in rude health and turns 40 next year. The previous bridge, however, was dismantled and sold (1968); Wat Tyler torched some of the houses on London Bridge in 1381; it was assailed by fire on numerous occasions, most significantly in 1136; and the original version was destroyed by the greatest Essex Girl of them all, Queen Boudicca in AD 60.

Famous Friends: Hugh Grant struggles against the swarming crowds on London Bridge in the movie About A Boy; Sophia Loren appears on the previous version of the bridge in the 1960 movie The Millionairess (with Peter Sellers).

Did You Know…?: The mediaeval London Bridge had shops, dwelling places and a church built on either side of the narrow road. It was often faster to cross the river by boat than over the congested London Bridge.

London Walks By The Bridge: See London Bridge on the Along the Thames Pub Walk every Friday night. 


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