Tuesday, 17 July 2012

London Bridges No.4: Millennium Bridge

Millennium Bridge

Opened: 2000*

Designed By:  Arup, Foster and Partners and Sir Anthony Caro

Connects: Queenhithe (North) with Southwark (South)

History: *For such a new bridge, it already has a lot of history. Opened on the 10th June in the year 2000, then promptly closed due to an “unexpected lateral vibration” – hence its nickname as The Wobbly – sometimes even Wibbly Wobbly – Bridge. Reopened in 2002. Its official – and largely unused – nickname is “The Blade of Light”.

Famous Friends: The bridge features in the 2009 movie Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

Did You Know…?: The bridge’s famous “wobble” was first experienced on a charity walk in aid of Save the Children.

London Walks By The Bridge:  See the Millennium Bridge on the Along the Thames Pub Walk


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  1. My Mum (now deceased) was on that famous Save the Children walk where the wobble was discovered.

    Some folks at the time tried to claim it was because the charity walkers were marching in perfect unison, but my Mum insisted that was not possible at all, it was mostly Mums and Grandmothers, some pushing pushchairs, some even with walkers, certainly not keeping any kind of fomation. And certainly once the bridge started wobbling walking got much more difficult.