Sunday, 8 July 2012

One Of Our Dragons Is Missing!

Calling all Walkers. Calling all walkers…

One of our dragons is missing!

Silver in colour, answers to the name of Moorgate. Last seen facing toward the borough of Islington and carrying a shield with a red cross on a white background.

Here’s a recent snap…

And here was the scene last Friday at Moorgate at the spot where he was last seen…

We do not wish to alarm you. He has probably just gone off on holiday – perhaps to visit with one of the other City dragons. Or maybe to Magaluf – the weather here in London has been shocking, after all. Does he have tickets for the Men’s singles final at Wimbledon? Or he’s off accompanying the Olympic Torch around the UK and is standing by to breathe on it should it get snuffed out on its journey to London.

We have contacted the authorities. There is no need for alarm.

But be vigilant. Keep an eye on the other dragons that guard the boundaries of The City of London – at Fleet Street, Victoria Embankment (2), Aldersgate, Aldgate, Bishopsgate, Blackfrairs Bridge, Farringdon, Holborn (2) and London Bridge (2) and report any suspicious movements to us at the usual email address.

If you see Moorgate, or know of his whereabouts, do drop us a line.


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