Thursday, 5 July 2012

Our Favourite Shops No.15

Every Thursday we bring you The Daily Constitutional guide to the best of London shopping – independent, one man- and one-woman bands, unique boutiques, singular emporia and London institutions.

These are our favourite shops. To nominate your favourite shop for inclusion send us an email with a short description and a brief reason why you think it is the best shop in London.

14. New & Lingwood

What: Menswear

Where: Jermyn Street

Why: A very British look can be found at New & Lingwood. Old school. Dated, some would say. But in the mind’s eye of many a London visitor, no shop typifies the traditional image of the upper crust British male more than this one. Boating blazers, waistcoats, brogues and flannels are the order of the day. Traditionally the tailor to Old Etonians (although our Prime Minister would be more likely to be seen decked out in Richard James of Savile Row these days) its colourful window displays stand out even on bright and brash Jermyn Street.


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