Thursday, 26 July 2012

Streets Ahead – The Olympic Schedule With London Walks

Streets Ahead is the occasional column from London Walks' Pen David Tucker

Okay, yes, inevitably there will be some changes during 'the Olympics season' (from July 21 - September 9).

The particulars are detailed in four different places.

1) The London Walks Google Calendar is absolutely brilliant in this respect. Brilliant because it is – by definition – day by day, date by date. So all you need to do is pick the date you're interested in. And there it is: just the walks for that one date.

2) All of the changes are also detailed on each day's schedule here on –Monday's WalksTuesday's WalksWednesday's WalksThursday's WalksFriday's WalksSaturday's Walks, and Sunday's Walks. And indeed on the London Walks Schedule page. On those pages you get the full whack – the regular London Walks Summer 2012 schedule (which runs from May 1 - July 20 and from September 10 - October 31); and 'The Olympics Interval' schedule (which runs from July 21 - September 9).

Everything is very clearly dated. And indeed the relevant differences have beenhighlighted. I've provided a link to the Monday's Walks and Tuesday's Walks andWednesday's Walks and Thursday's Walks and Friday's Walks and Saturday's Walksand Sunday's Walks schedules because they're now complete and ready to go. On them you'll see both schedules – the pre- and post-Olympics Season schedule and the Olympics Season schedule.

3) We've produced a special 'Olympics Interval Season' London Walks leaflet. It's just for the period in question, from July 21 - September 9. The OLYMPICS SEASON PDF is a version of the 'Olympics Interval Season'. So if you email us – or drop us a line – we'll pop one of the 'Olympics Interval Season' leaflets in the post to you. And for that matter soon enough the guides will be carrying them as well as the "normal" Summer 2012 London Walks leaflet. And when we're into that period that's the leaflet that will be on the Information Table at the Cafe in the Crypt at St. Martin's in the Fields, the handsome old church in Trafalgar Square. Mention that because it is of course absolutely the best place to pick up the latest London Walks leaflet.

You can tell "at a glance" which leaflet you've got. Apart from looking at the dates on the front cover, I mean. The colour band – running across the dates – for the normal Summer 2012 London Walks brochure (May 1 - July 20 and September 10 - October 31) is green. The colour band – running across the dates – for the Olympics Interval London Walks brochure (July 21 - September 9) is an Olympics pink.



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