Wednesday, 11 July 2012

We’ve Found Our Missing Dragon!

Panic over!

Calling all vigilant Daily Constitutionalists… you can relax. Stand down. As you were.

We’ve found the Moorgate Dragon!

Last Friday we posted the tale of the Missing Moorgate Dragon – one of the ornamental dragons that guards the boundary of The City of London. You can catch up with the tale (or tail?) HERE

This prompt and detailed reply from City Highways Management arrived via email…

“Our Dragon has unfortunately had to be removed to enable the Crossrail works to be carried out as the trenches would be going too close to the plinth.

It was decided to remove it and store the Dragon with our specialist contractor until it is safe to do so.

Bob Broughton
City Highways Management”

Mystery solved… sort of.

Who is the specialist contractor? Where is he based? How does one become a specialist contractor – or may we call this shadowy figure a “Dragon Sitter”?

We imagine that such questions would sorely test the patience of the (obviously very busy) City Highways Department, so we will spare Mr Broughton any further inconvenience and wait until the dragon comes home to Moorgate and ask him in person. Get it straight from the horse’s mouth, if you will.

Thanks go to all Daily Constitutionalists who expressed their concern – but thanks most of all to the folks at the City of London for being such good sports in answering our query.

And thanks for taking such great care of our Dragons!


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