Tuesday, 25 September 2012

A Nice Sit Down And A Cuppa… No.4

It's 4.00 o'clock London time, and our search for the Best Tea And Coffee in London, in which we are collecting recommendations from London Walks guides on the best cuppa in town, continues…

When we approached lifelong Beatle fan and Beatle expert Richard P, who leads The Beatles London Walks, his response was in favour of the Rolling Stones Coffee Shop in Penge.*

Only kidding. It was, inevitably…

“The Beatles Coffee Shop at St John's Wood station of course! What? Me biased? Just because I own it…”

(*To our knowledge there is no Rolling Stones Coffee Shop in Penge.)

Richard’s shop is called The Beatles Coffee Shop. Its title makes no mention of Tea. This is perhaps to avoid confusion with The Rutles, Eric Idle’s much-loved Beatles spoof in which The Rutles fall under the influence of Tea – and biscuits – when recording their legendary Sgt Rutter’s Darts Club Band album. Here’s the clip:

All together now… Cup of tea… Cup of tea… Whisper words of wisdom: cup of tea.

We’d like to hear London Walkers' tea and coffee suggestions, too. Drop us a line at the usual address.



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