Thursday, 13 September 2012

Call The Sweeney! They've Nicked The Bleedin' Shard!

We’re looking forward to seeing The Sweeney – the new movie version of the classic 70s TV cop show. It went on general release here in London yesterday.

On Saturday last we watched the 70s TV movie version to get in the mood. John Thaw and Dennis Waterman played tough London cops Regan and Carter, members of the fabled Flying Squad (rhyming slang for which is Sweeney Todd, hence The Sweeney). And the movie was excellent – as was the series. Bleak, disillusioned, morally troubling with the lines blurred between good guys and bad…  and impeccably well performed. The gritty realism was aided in no small measure by a suitably anonymous West London hinterland of down-at-heel residential streets.

The new version stars Ray Winstone – always a great screen tough guy (and a West Ham supporter – just like LW’s Andy Rashleigh!) – and the poster suggests that the London of 2012 will make a spectacular backdrop. Here’s said poster on the Northern Line platform at Moorgate…

But ‘ang abaht, Guv’nor… what’s all this then…?

The Shard? Lifted up and moved over the river to be replanted in The City? It’s the crime of the century, Guv. You’re nicked!


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