Saturday, 1 September 2012

Celebrating a Centenary – By Walking the Towpath

London canal expert Roger writes…

The 1912-built narrowboat “Ilkeston“  has marked its centenary with a thorough refurbishment –  and by making a horse-drawn journey from Cheshire to London.

“Ilkeston” was built near Birmingham, as a horse-drawn boat, for the famous carrying company Fellows, Morton and Clayton. In that era, engine power was just beginning to take over from horses.

In later years, “Ilkeston”, with no engine, would have been towed, as a “butty” boat, behind the motor boats owned by the company.

Now restored to its former glory, “Ilkeston” is at present moored outside the London Canal Museum, at King’s Cross.

And here are a couple of photos (above) of the Horse Towing Path being used for the purpose for which it was built.

To see some more of the Towpath, join our Towpath Walk on Sunday, 2nd September, starting at Kensal Green tube station at 2.30 pm


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