Monday, 24 September 2012

Tea & Coffee: Here Is The News

As we kick off our quest for the best cup of tea in London, this timely news story arrives from the Daily News

“Drinking tea could be key to smaller waistlines, sharper minds, stronger bones and healthier hearts, say experts.

Leading nutrition scientists from around the world convened at the United States Department of Agriculture to present the latest research supporting the role of tea in promoting good health.

Numerous studies suggest tea supports heart health and healthy blood pressure, and appears to be associated with a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, including stroke and heart attack."

So there you go – a cup of tea after a London Walk will prolong your life!

Thanks go to the Daily News, which is published in… er, India.

Hmmm. Don’t they produce quite a lot of tea in India?

Then, just as we were brewing up with renewed enthusiasm here at The D.C – a nice pot of loose leaf Assam from Martyns of Muswell Hill, since you ask – further news pings in from the Globe and Mail in Canada…

“It seems your morning coffee habit may do more than keep you alert at the office. According to scientists in Norway, our most loved beverage can ease the pain of work, literally.

Their study, published this month in the journal BMS Research Notes, suggests that drinking a cup of coffee before work can ease computer-related neck and shoulder pain. These new – and surprising – findings add to mounting evidence that coffee has more perks than downsides.”

We await news of a third study, which seeks to find out if there are perhaps not TOO MANY STUDIES. And as we do, we’re ‘aving a cup o’ tea.

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