Monday, 12 November 2012

Our New Series! London Christmas Shopping – 42 Shopping Days To Go!

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? (!) In the run-up to Christmas 2012, The Daily Constitutional will round-up the best of London shopping – unique boutiques, markets, one-man and one-woman bands, as well as the finest big London names.

Our journeys through Spitafields every night with the Jack the Ripper walk lead us into an East End past – a past that many a 21st century East Ender would happily see consigned to history.

At London Walks we always take the opportunity to present modern day Spitafields as one of the capital’s must-see’s, a vibrant living and playing district packed with character. This is particularly true when it comes to shopping.

There may well be 42 shopping days left to Christmas… but there are only two opportunities to catch…

… the Pop Up Vintage Fairs at the wonderful Spitalfields Market. The next one is this weekend (Saturday 17th November) with the Christmas fair taking place on the 15th December. Like Spitalfields itself, the stalls will be unique and original.

Our London Walks guides will be joining in with their recommendations for great shops, but if you have your own favourite London shop, feel free to drop us a line at the usual address.


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  1. Well this sounds to be a great shopping destination at the Christmas festive season.

  2. The London's vibrant community makes the Christmas season quite eventful and active specially the shops here offers a whole range f apparels and decors for this season with great discounts.