Tuesday, 22 January 2013

A Cure For the Common Cold? #10: Two Contrasting Approaches

Outside in all weathers, the London Walks guides know a thing or two about battling the common cold.

Our brief series continues with Angela and Sue each adding their two penn'orth…

Any suggestions? As London Walkers how do you combat the common cold? We want to hear your remedies! Send ‘em in to the usual address.

Two sides to every story today, a sort of a Good Cop/Bad Cop approach. Sue's up first…

"If you can avoid going anywhere near the West End in December, do! Every year I forget this, and every year soon after shopping in Oxford St, I go down with something. Wiped me out for all December and am still sleeping around 12 hours a night. Flu jab good idea to avoid flu but bad colds, chest infections, etc. mean trying to avoid greatest chance of picking them up."

So, there you go. Sue says stay home!

Angela, on the other hand, has a remedy and is a little more gentle in her bedside manner…

Elderberry, to be found as Sambuccus in health shops. Or Boots I think it's Sambucca but that's quite a sweet version. Hope you're all still on your feet though!

Aah. I feel better already.


Sue, a Freeman of the City of London and a water-colourist, is an expert on the Fleet River and a professionally qualified Blue Badge and City of London Guide. She wrote the Life in the Mediaeval City chapter in our book.  


LW Guide Angela is one special actress. "She's so good it's almost impossible to compliment her", as Frederic Raphael, the author of The Glittering Prizes, said of her performance in that award-winning series. A similarly smitten Clive James said of her "Helena in the Royal Shakespeare Company's All's Well That Ends Well: "You couldn't ask to hear the words better spoken". 

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