Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Resolution In the Air

This is a re-post from last year… but we think it's worth repeating! Happy New Year!

Last year usa.gov published a top ten of Most Popular New Year’s Resolutions. Having perused the list, it turns out that London Walks can help with 7-out-of-10 resolutions on the list – including ALL of the Top Three, which were…

1. Lose Weight
Walk more. See www.walks.com for more details.

2. Manage Debt
Two hours diversion for £9 – £7 for Super Adults and students. You’ll be out of debt in no time.

3. Save Money
Buy a Discount Walkabout Card.

Number 5 was “Get Fit”. We can help with that, too. Number 6 was “Get a Better Education”. Well if London’s your chosen subject, then that’s a no-brainer. At Number 7 was “Drink Less Alcohol” – all you have to do here is stay away from our Pub Walks. Number 10 was “Take a Trip”. Well? What are you waiting for?

See you out there, Happy New Year!


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