Monday, 6 January 2014

Let’s Talk About The Weather

DC Editor Adam writes…

Well done to all London Walkers who braved the elements this weekend. On the Hampstead Walk on Sunday morning we caught a break with beautiful blue skies and clear views out over London.

And between stops we chatted. About the weather, of course.

The weather is “the elephant on plane” of the tourism industry.

But I long-ago decided that no one comes to London for the weather. So it’s one of my New Year’s blogging resolutions to blog about the weather. Mainly just to get a little perspective on things.

To wit, the Polar Vortex.

The wha’?

David from Minnesota – a London Walks veteran, or repeat-offender as I like to call ‘em – joined us in Hampstead on Sunday. He’d been here for a week.

“We’ve had a little rain,” he deadpanned, like a true Londoner. “And it’s going to be quite chilly when we get back home.”

By “quite chilly” he was referring to the Polar Vortex. Here's how the BBC described it:

“The polar vortex [is] an anti-clockwise pool of cold, dense air.

The vortex has been very strong, with the cold air locked in to Arctic Canada for a long time. Stuck in one place, the air has got colder and colder. Cold air is dense so once it is released it travels a long way and that is why it is penetrating so far southwards, John Hammond from the BBC Weather Centre says.

Temperatures in the north and central US could feel as low as -60F (-51C) with the effect of wind chill, forecasters say.”

I’m just saying. There’s weather. And there’s WEATHER.

P.S. To paraphrase Ron Burgundy: Stay warm, Minnesota.

P.P.S To the American student studying at King’s College who joined us on Sunday afternoon on a London orientation walk – coincidentally also from Minnesota – who enquired as to where to acquire the very best umbrellas in London, CLICK HERE to read David’s earlier post on the great Smiths on New Oxford Street.

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