Tuesday, 14 January 2014

The London List No.1: Birthplaces of the Canonical Five

On a nightly basis we tour the locations of the Jack the Ripper murders. Here, in this “pre-title sequence” we list the birthplaces of the five canonical victims…

1. Mary Ann Nichols

Born Dean Street, off Fetter Lane in London 1845.

2. Annie Chapman

Birthplace listed simply as “London” in around the year1841. She was born Eliza Ann Smith.

3. Elizabeth Stride

Born in Torslanda, a suburb of Gothenburg in Sweden 1843.

4. Catherine Eddowes

Born in Wolverhampton 1842, one of eleven children.

5. Mary Kelly

Mary Jane Kelly claimed her birthplace as Limerick, around the year 1863, but whether she referred to the city or the county is unknown.


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