Monday, 10 February 2014

In & Around London: Romantic Royal London

Monday is mute on The Daily Constitutional (well, almost mute) – because Monday is the day when we post five images captured in and around London by London Walks Guides and London Walkers.

Collated on a theme or an area, if you've got some great shots of our capital and want to join in send your pictures to the usual address.

It’s Valentine’s week! We're celebrating with a few shots around Romantic Royal London…

King George VI, devoted husband of…

… Queen Elizabeth (the Queen Mother). When she was asked if the Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret were to be evacuated from London for the duration of the war, she replied: "The Princesses will only leave London if I leave; and I will only leave London if the King leaves London. And the King shall NEVER leave.”

A lesser-sung tribute to Prince Albert down Kensington way…

… and his bride uncharacteristically far from his side way over in Fleet Street

Eleanor of Castile, bride of King Edward I, first Queen Consort of England. Among mediaeval kings, Edward I is noteworthy for not having fathered children out of wedlock.

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  1. Nice pics. Easy to miss Prince Albert's little head on the bridge!