Thursday, 6 March 2014

Fit For A Queen

Here's Ann foodie expert Ann…

Always keen to see how the other half eats, I scanned the menu for the Queen’s recent visit to Chequers. What do you give the Queen for lunch? I’m not so sure about the starter of Scottish smoked salmon – the Queen Mother apparently was served it so often that she never wanted to see it again. But when Buckingham Palace does buy smoked salmon, it comes from Inverawe Smokehouse, which holds the Queen’s Royal Warrant. That will add class to your next dinner party.

The main course of lamb must have been acceptable, although it might not go down well if you have American guests. It appears on trendy restaurant menus in the States nowadays, but generally Americans turn their noses up at it.

And finally, bread and butter pudding with ice cream. I hope they made it with panettone – not very British, but so much nicer than with stale bread. You can substitute brioche if you like. I have a cutting in my recipes file from more than 30 years ago which gives Prince Charles’ favourite addition to bread and butter pudding – black treacle.


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